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About Ottawa–Vanier

Ottawa–Vanier is a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada. Consisting of that part of the City of Ottawa described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the interprovincial boundary between Ontario and Quebec with a line running N 45°00' W from the mouth of the Rideau Canal; thence S 45°00' E along said line to the mouth of the Rideau Canal; thence generally southeasterly along said canal to the southwesterly production of Mann Avenue; thence northeasterly along said production to Nicholas Street; thence southeasterly along said street to Highway No. 417; thence generally easterly along said highway to the abandoned Canadian Pacific Railway; thence easterly along said railway for approximately 250 metres to a hydroelectric transmission line; thence northerly along said transmission line to Innes Road; thence northeasterly along said road to Blair Road; thence northwesterly along Blair Road to Montreal Road; thence easterly and northeasterly along Montreal Road to Regional Road No. 174; thence northeasterly along Regional Road No. 174 to Green's Creek; thence generally northerly along said creek to the south shore of the Ottawa River; thence northwesterly to the interprovincial boundary between Ontario and Quebec; thence generally westerly along said boundary to the point of commencement.

Nathalie Des Rosiers, MPP

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